Gordon Dukes Music - featuring The Best Wedding Band provides personalized Live Music, Celebrity Acquisitions, Related Services and Solutions that will expertly fulfill your Entertainment needs.

We believe that authentic live music is one of the first considerations for having an engaging and FUN PARTY!


Through our hands-on approach to planning and providing music, we can customize an excellent music plan from the Ceremony through your Reception Dance Party. If you're having an After-Party, we will extend our expertise there as well.


The Best Wedding Band often performs as a 12 or 16- member ensemble, an on-site music coordinator and 1-2 audio technicians will typically  complete our event day staff.


Each member of our ensembles has incredible talent and highly regarded in the industry. Hearing us turn your celebration up to music highs and surprises is truly indescribable! 








We're a boutique agency and always 'hands-on' with all the music details of your party. 


We view our Wedding Music from the eyes of a large family. All hands on deck are working cooperatively; everyone having a part to play (literally) contributing to the success of each celebration.

Music We Perform

Our Playlist is carefully curated to complement your vision and celebration style. Keeping in mind that "every great party deserves great music," we certainly have that covered.


Packing the dance floor another aspect of our events, but is not our only gage to the success of your party. Having music arrangements complimentary to every stage of the wedding celebration is.

Music should be performed and managed in concert with you and your guest. From the first note to the last, 

Classics to Swing, From Popular to Country Pop, Fusion Jazz to NeoSoul, From Motown to Soft Rock and everything in between, our performances are chosen specifically for you and your guest.


Of course, if you request a Hora, Irish Waltz, Tarantella, Polka, Caribbean Steel Pan, Latin Flavor, it's done without missing a beat!


Meet a few of  Our Bands Here